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The Law and Logic of Armed Self Defense

YOU'VE BEEN SUBPOENAED TO TESTIFY BEFORE THE GRAND JURY,  where you aren't allowed to have your lawyer present. How do you explain why you shot and killed the person who attempted to carjack you? You thought they were armed, but the police didn't find a weapon. You gave a statement to the police at the scene, before you spoke with your lawyer. NOW YOU'RE THE SUSPECT IN A MURDER INVESTIGATION! How much or how little should you have said when the police questioned you? You have calmed down after the initial shock,  and now you remember more details that you didn't tell the police. Will the grand jury think you are making them up? What do you say to the grand jury to stay out of jail?

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE LEGAL AFTERMATH? Because simply having a gun or getting a concealed carry license doesn't protect you from the overpowering consequences of a self-defense shooting. If you don't know what to do and say NOW, you could end up in prison. Just having a gun without knowing how to survive the aftermath doesn't protect you or your family.

LEARN HOW TO STAY OUT OF JAIL with "The Law  and Logic of Armed Self Defense," a legal survival course for anyone who has a gun, or who is thinking of buying one. You will learn vital legal and tactical guidelines and try them out in scenarios where you must decide whether to use deadly force to defend yourself or others. It is your civic responsibility as an armed citizen to know whether deadly force is justified. It is your responsibility to yourself and to your family to know how to articulate your decision of having used deadly force.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST POWERFUL WEAPON? Your judgment. Learn indispensable survival secrets that will sharpen your judgment; learn in classroom scenarios how to use legal principles to make defensible shoot / don't shoot decisions; learn what to do and say after a shooting. You'll study a case in which a clueless armed citizen who merely took just a basic CHL course ended up with 14 criminal charges!

DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to have your questions answered on the spot by a lawyer and police trainer. Three hour class. Group rates: $65 per person. Get your Oregon Concealed Handgun License training certificate for $35 extra.

Simply getting a concealed carry license doesn't prepare you for using a gun in self defense:

Knowing how to shoot isn’t enough.

The question is 
WHETHER to shoot.

You are responsible for the  answer to this question.

Would you get a driver's license without learning the rules of the road or how to drive? Of course not, nor would you get a concealed carry license without understanding the laws and tactics of deadly force. This is a "must have" course for anyone who has a gun or who is thinking of buying one for self defense. Learn the law and logic of armed self defense from the unique perspective of a lawyer, combat veteran, and police trainer. ($65 each for groups of five or more; add CHL training certificate for $35 extra)

SOMEONE WROTE AND ASKED, "Steve, Is this class something new and not related to an introductory gun safety class?  Is it more in depth concerning concealed carry, the law and scenarios…?"

MY RESPONSE: Definitely. All humility aside, my legal/tactical background makes this one of the few deadly force classes worth taking in Oregon. As one of the reviews below says, I've been in combat, both in war and in the courtroom. In armed self defense, law and tactics go hand in hand, something not addressed in  most basic CHL courses. We'll be examining force options, when armed self defense is and is not legally justifiable, and how to limit your legal liability if you use deadly force to defend yourself or others.

This last topic - limiting your legal liability - is a theme that runs throughout the class and course materials. We'll have in-classroom scenarios that examine both the legal foundation for our actions and the tactical considerations.

As to tactical considerations, there are obvious realities that always surprise people who take this class. For example, here is a preview of part of one of the three "survival secrets" presented in this class:

In force-on-force scenario training we often see shooters who have trained to become competent in gun handling and marksmanship, but who have no clue as to what their "fight or flight" response does to their performance under even the slightest pressure. While this "combat stress" is very predictable, few shooters are even aware of it, and even fewer have studied or trained to mitigate the effect. This class will start you down the path to a higher awareness of the reactions of your mind and body to a life-threatening event, AND get you thinking about the legal ramifications of your actions before, during and after a self defense shooting.

$65 each for groups of five or more. Combine with Oregon CHL for an additional $35. Topics:

                              - The three survival secrets no other CHL course will tell you 
                              - Shoot/don’t shoot decisions which will send you to jail or save you from it
                              - What if’s (scenarios using legal principles)
                              - What to do after a shooting
                              - Your individual concerns


  -  "…got the best info possible from someone who has lived it."

  - "I've had lots of training as a firefighter, but this class was the most thought-provoking I've ever taken."

  - "I'm glad I took this class. I would have done everything the opposite of what we did in the scenarios."

  - "Steve's been in combat, both in war and in the courtroom. Listen to him!"

  - "Really helps you make some great home self defense choices and decisions."


  - "I now know the law and logic of armed self defense, and will continue studying it.  - "Thanks for presenting 'What Do I Do…?' to our group last night. We talked for hours after you left. It was an eye-opener. The 'three secrets' will keep us out of jail…or worse."

  - "I really appreciated hearing the legal portion taught by a real attorney . This was the first time I've heard an attorney discuss 'use of force,' and it gave me new perspective and insight."

  - "My friends, nephew and I all agreed that it was a very good and informative class. You made it interesting and engaging, definitely exercising the gray matter."

  - "Each member of the class from inexperienced to accomplished came away with valuable thoughts and a new perspective…We believe everyone should hear this material before a CHL is issued."

   - "…it is a 3 hour class…I loved it, learned SO MUCH"

  - "…Your class Monday night was so much better than all of the other classes I have taken over the last 10 years theoretically preparing people for a CHL."

  - "You encouraged people to adopt a practice of ongoing learning as well as building competence in the safety/use of firearms."

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