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Live-Fire Training

INDIVIDUALIZED LIVE-FIRE TRAINING. Gain a solid basis in safe gun handling and marksmanship from a certified police firearms instructor. Click here for his qualifications: Instructor. Available for private live-fire coaching for all levels of skill. Everything from marksmanship and gun handling fundamentals to high speed/low drag advanced tactical skills. Learn to fight with your gun. All live-fire training is conducted in a safe, professional environment. Small groups - $65/hr. per person. Two hour minimum.

FUNDAMENTALS COURSE. Never shot a handgun? Great! That means you won't have any bad habits to overcome when you're introduced to the same combat shooting building blocks taught at the Police Academy in this two hour class. Your confidence will grow as you learn the five fundamentals of marksmanship, and two secrets which will improve your accuracy immediately. Have you shot handguns before, but never had any formal training? Consider blending this course with some of the skills taught at the next levels…

FROM FUNDAMENTALS TO FIGHTING SKILLS - TRANSITION COURSE. Take your pick of a two-hour class or a three-hour class. The first two hours start with the Fundamentals Course techniques of gun handling and marksmanship - good for all levels of experience. The third hour (optional purchase, but must include the first two) transitions from fundamentals into basic tactical fighting skills. Get your Oregon Concealed Handgun License training certificate for $35 extra.

CONCEALED CARRY FOR SELF-DEFENSE. Four hours. All training at this level is focused on fighting with your handgun. You will learn safe and effective techniques of concealed carry, the four-point presentation from the holster, combat and tactical reloads, use of cover, close quarter shooting, shooting and moving, clearing malfunctions, and after-action responses. When you master these skills, you will be able to defend yourself and those you love with your handgun. However, knowing how to shoot doesn't mean that you know when to shoot. Click on "What Do I Do…?"  to round out your tactical skills.

WOMENS' LIVE-FIRE. This women-only three-hour class is composed of one hour in a gun store trying on guns for fit and function, and two hours on the range learning live-fire fundamentals. Rental guns and ammo are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis at an additional charge. Get your Oregon Concealed Handgun License training certificate for $35 extra.

LOW LIGHT/NIGHT FIRE. The majority of deadly confrontations occur in reduced light or darkness. This intermediate level course is a condensed version of what recruits are taught in two four-hour range sessions at the Oregon Police Academy. Take this opportunity to try out your night sights, gun-mounted lights, laser sights, and whatever other gear that you've been meaning to field-test. Scheduled classes only. Four hours.

. This course is for shooters who are confident in their gun handling and marksmanship skills. You don't have to be perfect, but you must be safe. Our class will be on a hot range (loaded and holstered). We will fire up to 300 rounds. You will need your handgun, a backup if you have one, and a tactical flashlight. We will move, shoot and communicate for three hours.


 - "Thank you for the great live-fire training!  I really learned a lot and appreciated your patience with me."  - from a Grandma

 - "The 'two secrets' in the Fundamentals Course had me getting consistent  hits in ultra-tight groups - I'll definitely be back to train at the next level."

  - "I was really nervous when I came to the range - I hadn't shot a gun in 20 years - but Steve's building blocks approach and individual help reassured me and gave me confidence."

 - "Met Steve for the first time this weekend. I would have absolutely no qualms about placing my life in his hands…a very professional, honest and forthright man."

 - "I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone interested in improving their firearms skills and education…"

  - "I've been a life-long shooter, but in two short hours, Steve had me doing better than I've ever done before!"

  - "Steve's one-on-one personal instruction and guidance was exceptional. This was an excellent experience. Knowledgeable, courteous, and safety-conscious."

  - "Just wanted to let you know Dad and I had a blast!"

  - "I've been shooting for years. Your trigger reset 'secret' improved my accuracy 100%. Nobody ever showed me that before!"

  - "It was fun and safe."

  - "It was so much more than I imagined, not just the physical aspects…but an intense mental focus and awareness of self, surroundings and persons such as I have never experienced before."

  - "These classes helped me to update, adjust and confirm my past training (military / law enforcement experience)."

 - "Thanks for the great low-light/night fire course. I have never used one-handed handgun flashlight techniques in a live fire setting before, so that was really a treat."

  - 'The shoot/don't shoot exercises with photo targets were awesome!"

  - "I learned more about sights than I had known my entire life."

NAME YOUR OWN TIME. You don't have to wait weeks for a scheduled class. Firearms Instructor is on call, whenever and wherever it's mutually convenient. You can have your own live-fire class as early as tomorrow. Just round up a small group of friends, family or business associates, and call or e-mail (links at top of page) to set a time. We'll send you an e-invoice for your deposit, which you can pay on line to register. Directions, instructions and an equipment list will be e-mailed to you after you register.

Click on the Calendar to see if there is a scheduled session available.
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