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Concealed Carry Classes
A word about the increased demand for concealed handgun licenses:

We've been turning away people who only want the CHL class, but who don't want to learn about the rules for using deadly force. If they aren't willing to learn how to drive, or learn the rules of the road, then maybe they aren't ready for a driver's license.

Because of so many mass shootings in the news recently, we've prioritized the "What Do I Do…?" (click on link) class with the option of adding the Oregon CHL certificate for another $35. Even if you already have your CHL, taking the  "What Do I Do…?" (click on link) class will open your eyes to tactical and legal defense issues that you may never have considered.


This course exceeds all firearms safety training requirements of Oregon’s concealed handgun law. You will receive a certificate of completion which you can submit to the Sheriff’s office with your concealed handgun license application. Instructor is a lawyer and police trainer, certified by NRA and Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards Training (Police Academy). $65 each for groups of five or more. No longer available as a stand-alone course. Must be combined with "What Do I Do…?" (click on link) for an additional $35.

Your Oregon CHL course requirement can be satisfied by taking the "What Do I Do…?" course. See the description below. For an additional $35, you will receive your Oregon certificate of completion when you take this course:



Would you get a driver's license without learning the rules of the road or how to drive? Of course not, nor would you get a concealed handgun license without understanding the laws and tactics of deadly force. This is a "must have" course for anyone who has a gun or who is thinking of buying one for self defense. Learn the law and logic of armed self defense from the unique perspective of a lawyer, combat veteran and police trainer.  $65 each for groups of five or more. Combine with Oregon CHL for an additional $35. Topics:

- The three survival secrets no other CHL course will tell you

- Shoot/don’t shoot decisions which will send you to jail or save you from it

- What if’s (scenarios using legal principles)

- What to do after a shooting

- Your individual concerns

For more information about this course, click here:
What Do I Do…?


Concealed Carry Shooting Classes

Gain a solid basis in safe gun handling and marksmanship from a certified police firearms instructor. Available for private live-fire training at all levels of skill. Everything from marksmanship and gun handling fundamentals to advanced tactical skills. Learn to fight with your gun. All live-fire training is conducted in a safe, professional environment. Small groups - $65/hr. per person, minimum two hours. For more information click here: Live-Fire Training.



Why Wait? You Can Begin As Soon As Tomorrow:

SCHEDULED COURSES. Click on the Calendar to see if a class you're interested in has been scheduled.

SMALL GROUP TUTORIALS. You don't have to wait weeks for a scheduled class. Firearms Instructor is on call, and will come to you whenever and wherever it's mutually convenient. Round up some friends, family or business associates to form a small group (minimum five persons). Just call or e-mail to set a time and place.



This is a confidential service. We will visit and evaluate the security and safety of your home or business, then provide recommendations and assistance in implementing common-sense security and safety measures.

While every situation is unique, past evaluations have included having homeowners do simulation training with an inert replica weapon in their own homes, doing on-site scenarios in both home and commercial settings, and having mini-classes in deadly force law and tactics.

To have your own home or business security consultation, send an e-mail to



  -  "…got the best info possible from someone who has lived it."

  - "I've had lots of training as a firefighter, but this class was the most thought-provoking I've ever taken."

  - "Steve's been in combat, both in war and in the courtroom. Listen to him!"


  - I took another CHL course some time ago, but  it wasn't nearly as good as yours. Your class was so much better, not just because you're a lawyer and can explain the laws, but because it was entertaining!"

  - "I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve's course…especially the parts about carrying concealed and the implications, concerns, and ramifications of doing so."

  - "Can't wait to sign up for your next class, 'What Do I Do…?'  (click on link) - you are right, simply getting a concealed carry license doesn't prepare you for using a gun in self defense. You have to know the 'rules of the road' for the use of deadly force."

  - "Thanks for your e-mail updates. They are very helpful.

  - "Steve is a serious firearms instructor (and attorney) with a long list of experience to back it up. I’ve taken multiple courses (classroom and live-fire) from him and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in improving their firearms skills and education, especially about carrying concealed and the implications, concerns, and ramifications of doing so."


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